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Commercial invoice: what information is displayed exactly?
Commercial invoice: what information is displayed exactly?
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Good one. This will depend on the integration you have set up, be it Shippo or EasyPost. Shippo and EasyPost create the required customs-docs/commercial invoices and pass them alongside the label. Depending on the specific carrier, rate, and country the customer is located in - these PDFs will vary in their content.

What Rich Returns submits to EasyPost and Shippo is roughly the following for international shipments:

  • Sender (Customer)

  • Recipient (Company)

  • Item description

  • Item country of origin

  • Item HS code

  • Item value in USD

  • Item weight

  • Contents type: returned goods

  • Contents explanation (if carrier supports it we include the tracking number of the original outbound shipment, the carrier that was used and the original order number)

  • Signer

  • Customs Number / Exemption

  • RMA number

  • Order number

For certain carriers (e.g. UPS and DHL Express) there is also a Paperless-trade option available where Customs-Information is only submitted electronically without printing the form.

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