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Customs Declaration for International Shipments
Customs Declaration for International Shipments
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Supported Integrations

International Labels are now supported for our EasyPost, Shippo, and ShipStation integration.

Please refer to our pricing page to choose an eligible plan with access to this feature.

Does Rich Returns have the functionality to specify on the label and no duties and taxes are payable?

NOTE: We generally declare a shipment as a return shipment if this is available from the carrier side which it usually is. The same goes for international shipments where the customs documents are created and we specify each item as Returned Goods.

Important: ShipStation does not support dedicated Return-Labels through their API which is a known limitation from ShipStation. For international Returns this means that ShipStation does not let us specify the contents of the shipment as "Returned Goods" but merely as regular "merchandise" which might affect customs charges. Our recommendation is to either use EasyPost or Shippo if you have this requirement.

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