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How can I enable integrated Store Credit?
How can I enable integrated Store Credit?

Tutorial on how to issue store credit from your Rich Returns dashboard.

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Note: Currently available on Premium and Plus subscriptions.

Let me help you configure your feature β€” and start issuing store credit to your customers with the click of a button! Without further ado, here we go:

  1. Let's head over to your Return Settings -> General, where we will enable additional scopes necessary for this feature:

Easy as 1, 2...


2. Our next step is to Update the app on the following screen in Shopify:

Just do it!

3. Once we have our app updated, we go back to the scene of the crime. Yes, to the Return settings -> General, again. It's different this time around, and with the app updated, we can now activate Gift Cards and Discount Codes (depending on whether we have access to both or not). In my case, I have only Discount Codes:

There's a new button in town.

Gorgeous, ain't it?

That's it; we've come to the end of the road - and the beginning of a beautiful story involving store credit and Rich Returns.

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