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Store-Wide Exchanges
Store-Wide Exchanges

Upsell your customers and turn a refund into an exchange for a different product from your store.

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โ„น๏ธŽ Currently available on the Plus Plan.

The Store-Wide exchanges allow your customers to exchange for any product from your store.

The setup's quick and easy and you'll be immediately set up to offer your customers products from across the store. This option adds further depth to your customers' selection and the upsell opportunity with a push of a button.

๐ŸŠ Let's dive into it:

You should be seeing a new tab in the Exchanges section:

Image 1.

Set up the options as you prefer - or as your return policy dictates:

  • Enable Higher Priced products - this will enable your customers to exchange for higher-priced products than the one they're exchanging.

  • Force Overselling - only select this if you want variants to show up as being available even when there's no inventory.

Once you have the desired setup, simply activate this option in your General (Return settings). You'll find the options in the Return options section:

That's it. Your customers will now be able to choose any product from an amazing store such as yours. And that can only be a good thing.

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