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Onboarding for Warehouse Staff
Onboarding for Warehouse Staff
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How can I search for a return? What are the parameters I can use?

Searching for a return can be accomplished by using the square-shaped box in the top-right corner of your Returns dashboard.

The parameters that can be used are as follows:

Customer name > usually found on the label of the shipment

Email address

Order number > usually found on the label of the shipment

RMA (Return number) > traditionally found on the label of the shipment

Tracking number > usually found on the label of the shipment

Feel free to explore, combine and test it out!

Where can I add a staff note?

A staff note can be added inside the good old Edit section, which has proven helpful in so many cases.

Just head over to it (next to a return), and you will be able to find the Staff notes corner, where you can add as many staff notes as you'd like (or as you require).

A handy-dandy feature that will make sure that the staff does not miss on anything!

Where can I update the return status of a return?

This is also done through our "always here for us" section - the Edit section of a return.

At the top, you can see the current status of a return as well as a dropdown menu that will allow you to change the status. Make sure to press Update after updating so the changes can be saved, and the corresponding Email Template will be sent out (if enabled, of course!).

Where can we contact Customer Support if we are experiencing issues?

There's a button on the top-right part of your Dashboard where you can press Contact Us. As soon as you do, we will be in touch in no time.

Contact us immediately if you are experiencing issues or have any feedback here.

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