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Understanding customer notifications/emails
Understanding customer notifications/emails

Learn the lifecycle of a return.

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A return has a lifecycle with the following stages:

  • Pending

    • Sent out automatically when the customer submits the return (unless 'auto approve' is enabled)

  • Approved

    • Sent out automatically if 'auto approve' is enabled or status updated to 'Approved'

  • Shipped

  • Received

  • Resolved

  • ( Rejected )

Each of these stages has an email template associated with it that is sent out to the customer automatically once the status of the return is updated - e.g. through your staff.

You can find all email templates under the >> E-Mail Settings >> Your Customers >> tab in the Rich Returns dashboard. In the Dropdown select a specific stage to see the associated email template. Email templates can be enabled/disabled to your liking and process.

The only email template with multiple variations is the Approved-Email template. Only one of these is sent out based on the scenario of the return:

  • Approved Return

    • this template is sent out in case you do not use prepaid labels at all or a prepaid label is not being used for this return

    • this email should in almost all cases contain the physical return address of your warehouse

  • Approved Return (Automatic Prepaid Label)

    • this template is being sent out if an automatic prepaid label from one of our supported label-platforms and carriers is being sent to the customer

  • Approved Return (Automatic Prepaid Label - Error)

    • only sent out if an automatic prepaid label fails for some reason (rare)

  • Approved Return (Manually Uploaded Prepaid Label)

    • this template is being sent out only for manual prepaid labels that you upload as a PDF in our dashboard for a specific return

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