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Can I allow multiple returns on my orders?
Can I allow multiple returns on my orders?

Allow multiple returns on your orders.

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Well, now you can! Allow multiple returns on your orders by simply checking a box. You can do this inside Return Settings -> General -> Allow Multiple Returns.

How does this help merchants? Which use cases is this suited for? You're asking all the right questions!

  • This helps merchants that provide a lifetime warranty for their products. E.g., there are items with a lifetime warranty and stuff happens - and things break. Luckily, we got you covered and customers can again request a return.

  • Can I use this in another way? Yes, you can. Sometimes, customers select the incorrect resolution or return method. You can check this option and allow the customer to re-submit a return for the same order - now with the correct information.

A handy, dandy, feature that will surely help you on your way to the ultimate return experience for your loyal customers.

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