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ResolutionHub - Change Return Resolution
ResolutionHub - Change Return Resolution

Introducing our ResolutionHub - change return resolutions in your dashboard.

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ResolutionHub takes the hassle out of managing return resolutions by allowing merchants to handle them directly from their dashboard. No more navigating through multiple screens or relying on customer support for each resolution change – ResolutionHub puts the control firmly in your hands.

⌛️ It's setup o' clock. Let's do it:

  1. Head over to your Return settings -> General section:

    Screenshot 1.

  2. Scroll down until you find the ResolutionHub:

    Screenshot 2.

  3. Press the checkbox to enable the option. Once enabled, head over to your Dashboard and enter the Manage section of a return. You will notice that the Action (or the chosen resolution) can now be edited.

    Screenshot 3.

You will be able to change the resolution to any of the options you have activated in your dashboard. Here's quick tutorial of me, activating the feature and quickly changing the resolution on one of my returns:


  • A resolution can only be changed on a pending return - once a return gets approved, you will not be able to change the result.

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