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How can I encourage and incentivize Exchanges over Refunds?
How can I encourage and incentivize Exchanges over Refunds?

Incentivize your customers with additional bonuses for exchanges and store credit and boost your revenue.

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Refunds and Exchanges are excellent solutions to unhappy purchases. However, Exchanges are preferable because merchants can maintain their revenue and lessen the financial impact of refunds. With Rich Returns, merchants can encourage customers to opt for Exchanges by enabling Customer Incentive.

Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Log in Rich Returns dashboard

Log in to your Rich Returns dashboard.

Navigate to Return Settings > Incentives from the sidebar menu.

Step 2: Enable an Incentive

If it's the first time you create an Incentive, tick the Enable checkbox next to Customer Incentives. Click the Add Incentive button to start setting up your incentive.

Once you've set up some Incentives, a summary table will display details of all your created Incentives. In this table, you can easily modify or remove a particular incentive by selecting the Edit or Delete option in its corresponding row. To create a new incentive, simply click on the Add Incentive button.

Step 3: Customize your incentive

After clicking Add Incentive or Edit a specific incentive in the summary table, you will be directed to the incentive's detailed settings.

Tick the Enable Discount Code checkbox.

Choose the type of incentive you wish to offer in the Discount Code Type:

  • Fixed Amount: a fixed value of the discount.

  • Percentage: a percentage value of the discount.

Define the incentive application in Select Resolution:

  • Exchange: Allows customers to return an item in exchange for the same product.

  • Store Credit: Provides customers with credit to be used for future purchases instead of a monetary refund.

  • Store-wide Exchange: Enables customers to return a product and exchange it for any other item available in the store, regardless of the original purchase.

  • Advanced Exchange: Offers a more flexible exchange option where merchants can customize which items can be exchanged for which items based on Collections.

Enter the Bonus Credit Amount. The amount will be in your store's currency or percentage based on your choice of incentive.

Tick the Enable Resolution Dictating check box next to Dictate Incentive to make the incentive visible only after customers choose a specific resolution option. Then, you can choose the Resolution type for which the dictation will work.

To create a sense of urgency, ensure the Enable Incentive Timer check box next to Enable Timer is checked. You can change the timer value by inputting your desired time in minutes.

See how Resolution Dictating and Incentive Timer look in the return portal in the below video πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡:

Step 4: Save your settings & Double-check

Click the Save button or the Cancel button at the end of the settings page to finish.

You can go to Brand Settings > General from the sidebar menu and click the Show Returns Portal button to see the Customer Incentive settings in your Returns Portal.

🚢 Check out this walkthrough video:

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